SCVMM 2012 R2 : Manually remove a “temporary template”

I Cannot to delete the VMNetwork with error VMM is unable to delete the VMNetwork because other object, such as VMSubnets, Load Balancer templates and Virtual network adapters depend on it


I view Dependent Resources VMNetwork and find Temporary Template. This is because you deploy Virtual Machine from VM Template and connect to this Virtual Network so on the dependent resource VMNetwork have Temprorary Template. so i must remove the “VMNetwork” association with all dependent resources , before this VM Network can be deleted


Okay , for check Temporary Template go to Library  >> expand file share >> VHDs >> Right click on VHD >> Properties


On Dependencies Page you can see list Temporary Template , but you cannot delete the Temporary Template from here (GUID)


We can use PowerShell. In this example, I run the following command to remove the temporary template: remove-scvmtemplate -vmtemplate “Temporary Templatef38c63b4-b973-4e08-afcd-6962a4c39193”


The template (dependency) is removed as seen below:



Now we can remove the VMNetwork etc 🙂



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