Azure Stack TP3| Can’t create SQL DB Service because SKU is Not Found


i have issue can’t to create SQL DB’s from tenant portal with error SKU is Not Found.But from admin portal we can see the SKU’s  created and able to deploy SQL DB’s. this issue because resource provider Microsoft.SQLAdapter defaultly is NotRegistered on tenant portal so tenant will need to register the resource provider before they will be able to create databases.



For register resource Provider On tenant portal click More Services and then click Subscriptions 4.PNG

Choose subscriptions which has SQL services 5.PNG

On specific subscription click Resource Providers6.PNG

On The Resource Providers page, click register for Microsoft.SQLAdapter 7.PNG


After resource provider Microsoft.SQLadapter registered , we can try again to create SQL DB and you will see SKU is available   11.PNG



Thank You 🙂


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