SCVMM 2012 R2 : Manually remove a “temporary template”

I Cannot to delete the VMNetwork with error VMM is unable to delete the VMNetwork because other object, such as VMSubnets, Load Balancer templates and Virtual network adapters depend on it


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Solved | Cannot deploy VM to a Private Cloud use VMM and Azure Pack Because “Hyper-v components is not running”

senior-data1Hi guys 🙂

I have issue, cannot deploy VM to a Private Cloud use VMM and Azure Pack with error “the virtual machine management service failed to start the virtual machine ‘VMName’ because one of the Hyper-v components is not running” but on error description not explain what components is not running 😦

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Configure SCOM and VMM Integration



This article about monitoring virtual machine use SCOM Integration with VMM, You can connect Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) with Operations Manager to monitor the health and availability of the virtual machines and virtual machine hosts that VMM manages. You can also monitor health and availability of the VMM management server, the VMM database server, library servers, and VMM Self-Service Portal web servers, and see diagram views of the virtualized environment through the Operations console in Operations Manager.

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