Windows Azure Pack : Change Web Sites Default Domain


Hi Guys 🙂 on this blog i want sharing about how to change the default URL (DNS Suffix) for your websites in Azure Pack. At the lab this one is going to change a url from Become wap.local

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Solved | Cannot deploy VM to a Private Cloud use VMM and Azure Pack Because “Hyper-v components is not running”

senior-data1Hi guys 🙂

I have issue, cannot deploy VM to a Private Cloud use VMM and Azure Pack with error “the virtual machine management service failed to start the virtual machine ‘VMName’ because one of the Hyper-v components is not running” but on error description not explain what components is not running 😦

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Windows Azure Pack : Remote Desktop Gateway


Hi Guys 🙂 pada artikel kali ini saya akan share mengenai Remote Desktop Gateway yang akan diintegrasikan dengan Azure Pack untuk fitur remote console di VM Clouds .  jadi di VM Cloud ada 2 metode remote yaitu Remote Desktop menggunakan RDP dan Remote Console menggukan RD Gateway . jadi dengan menggunakan Remote Console kita bisa remote VM di Azure pack bahkan tanpa koneksi disisi VM 🙂 kereen kan

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